Midbay Veterinary Hospital

4652 Highway 20 E Suite 104
Niceville, FL 32578



Our Staff

Tasha Kerth (Practice Manager)  

She is a technician that first started working with Dr. Chapman at the local veterinary emergency clinic in 2014. Midbay Vet Hospital is privileged that she chose to leave her previous day job to come work with us. She is a talented addition to the staff. She has a beautiful daughter, newborn son, long time partner Frank and a family of three furry dogs and one cat. 




Desirae Morris (Senior Veterinary Charge Nurse)  

A technician who worked with Dr. Chapman at her previous clinic. She took some time off from veterinary medicine to focus on growing her family (and she has had her hands full with twins and a single little one!!) and her photography business. She has three children and two furry Anatolian shepherds. 

Jenny Salak (Senior Veterinary Nurse) 

Jenny has been a technician for nearly 10 years, working both in day clinics and at the local emergency clinic. She is a valuable addition to our staff with her amazing love and care for animals and dedication to veterinary medicine. She has an adorable son and two large breed dogs that share their home with her.


 Ashley Nix (Veterinary Assistant) 

Ashley is our part time veterinary assistant who helps us when she is not in school/classes. She has a love for horses and all animals and wants to be a veterinarian in the future. We are happy to have as a member of our team!

Jonathan Carr (Veterinary Nurse, OSHA Compliance Officer) 

Jonathan joined the Midbay team in early 2017, he has a passion for biology and animals alike.  His drive and eagerness to learn make him a valuable addition to our team as he studies to become a certified technician.  Jonathan has a few furry babies that keep him and his family company.

Diana Guerrero (Veterinary Nurse) 

Diana is a veterinary nurse who joined the Midbay Veterinary team two years ago. With her passion for providing excellent healthcare for companion animals, she has become a wonderful part of the team. 

April Scott (Veterinary Nurse)

April Scott is a veterinary nurse that joined Midbay in April of 2018, she is learning and growing fast with our team and has become a very quick study in the animal field showing her passion by how hard she works!  She and her husband have an adorable american bulldog that keeps them very busy.

Julia Wheeler (Veterinary Nurse) 

Julia is a veterinary nurse that joined the Midbay Veterinary team in June of 2018. Julia is currently studying to become a certified veterinary nurse, and working on her long term goal of a degree in zoology. She is a tireless worker with an ambition to match, and a wonderful addition to the Midbay team. 

Kelsey Small (Veterinary Nurse)

Kelsey joined the Midbay Veterinary team in July, she is new to the veterinary field but has a passion for animals that is evident in how fast she is learning with us.  Her and her husband have two German short-hair pointers that fish instead of hunt with them and they couldn't be cuter.

Valerie Bizjak (Veterinary Nurse)

Valerie joined the Midbay Veterinary team in September of this year and has been a technician in the past in another state. She has a sweet boxer as well as a pug to fill her time when she is not working with your furry friends, and being an outstanding team-player. 

Davlynn Valentin (Veterinary Nurse)

Davlynn is new to the Veterinary field and is currently studying to become a certified technician. She is very eager to learn and has been an excellent addition to the team.