Midbay Veterinary Hospital

4652 Highway 20 E Suite 104
Niceville, FL 32578



The Staff at Midbay Veterinary Hospital

Natasha Kerth - Practice Manager     

Natasha began working as a veterinary technician under Dr. Chapman at the local veterinary emergency clinic in 2014. Midbay Vet Hospital is privileged that she chose to leave her previous day job to come manage the hospital. With over 14 years of veterinary experience, she is a talented addition to the practice and an absolute asset to the doctors, veterinary nurses, and clients that she works with. She has a beautiful daughter, a rambunctious son, a wonderful husband Frank, and a family of four furry dogs. 


 In loving memory 2006-2022



April Perry - Lead Veterinary Nurse

April joined the Midbay team in April of 2018 and has made herself an invaluable addition to the staff. She specializes in surgery assisting, emergency care, and hospital management. In her free time she enjoys the beautiful beaches, spending time with her animals, and making that cheddah stack.




Raela York - Senior Veterinary Nurse

Raela joined the Midbay team in June of 2019. She is a dedicated worker with a contagious smile and eager to learn new methods. In her spare time, Raela enjoys sky-diving to the melodies of Tibetan chanting monks, cross-country kombucha brewing, and the Gregorian calendar.


Stephanie Matlock - Senior Veterinary Nurse

Stephanie joined the Midbay staff in February of 2020 and has quickly become an integral part of the team. She is currently working on her bachelors in marine biology and has experience rehabilitating a wide variety of wildlife. Stephanie enjoys wildlife photography, hiking in the great outdoors, and spending her days at the beaches. 


DeAnna Cales - Veterinary Nurse

DeAnna joined the Midaby team in June of 2020. She has a wonderful personality and is expecting her first child next year. She rehabilitated both of her animals and enjoys their company everyday. DeAnna also enjoys singing along with musicals in her spare time. 



Riley Gaynor - Veterinary Nurse

Riley joined Midbay in October of 2020. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois where she worked as a veterinary technician. Riley has 3 dogs currently and has experience with ferrets, hamsters, bunnies, cats, turtles, and guinea pigs. When not at work, Riley likes to workout and play basketball.

Gracie DeGafferelly - Senior Veterinary Nurse

Gracie joined the Midbay family in November of 2020. She has previous veterinary experience and enjoys working with all types of animals. Gracie has become an integral part of the floor staff here at Midbay and is a valuable addition to the hospital. In her spare time Gracie can be found at the beach, riding horses, and taking her dog on hikes. 



Alex Close - Veterinary Nurse

 Alex joined the Midbay Veterinary team in June of 2021 and is an experienced veterinary technician who has become a great asset.  She lives with her husband and five lovey furbabies.



Kyndall Davis - Certified Veterinary Nurse

Kyndall is a recent graduate from Veterinary Tech school and joined the Midbay team in Ocotober of 2021.  She and her husband live with five furbabies.  Kyndall's youthful passion and drive are a great addition to the team.