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NEW COVID 19 Information


Effective Monday March 23rd we are no longer allowing anyone other than staff to enter the clinic.

We will continue to take care of our patients and see our patients but we cannot allow non-staff members into the building. We will also continue being available for medication refills and food refills as we do not want any our patients to go without their much needed medications.

The door to our clinic will be kept locked at all times.

If you wish to reschedule your appointments until this COVID19 crisis is over please call our clinic at 850-279-6656 or email at contact@midbayvet.com.

Please text us (850-533-2336) from the parking lot upon arrival. As soon as they are able a staff member will then call your phone to discuss the reason for your visit over the phone and then meet you at the door to admit your pet or in the case of medication refills to go over payment and putting the medication in the pick up basket located by the front door. Please be sure to have your pet on a secure leash and have all small dogs/cats in carriers.

There will be NO elective surgeries per state executive order issued on Friday. Only life saving surgeries for tumors, trauma, exploratory surgeries and severe dental infections are allowed at this time.

If you have questions on what services we will continue to be able to provide please do not hesitate to call the clinic or email us.

All efforts are 100% being implemented as a means of protecting YOU and your loved ones and our staff. Our goal is to maintain availability and provide important care to our patients no matter how things progress, but in order to do so, we have to make sure our staff stays healthy and protected.

These new guidelines are subject to change as it is difficult to predict the next few days to weeks to months.
Please stay healthy and safe!
-The doctors and staff.





Midbay Veterinary Hospital

Front Desk: 850-279-6656

Fax: 850-279-6451

email: contact@midbayvet.com


Need a prescription refill? Text us at 850-533-2336 or submit a prescription refill here

For more information about the K-Laser, and how it can positively impact your pet's quality of life and healing time, click here

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Midbay Veterinary Hospital offers the VIN Client Information Library

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