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UPDATED COVID19 Information


Starting Monday June 8th we will be opening up our lobby, however we are still trying to limit number of people in the building.

We will continue to try to return to pre-COVID19 routine as quickly as we can based on state guidelines.

We request you wear masks in order to be in exam room with your pets and we are still limiting it to one person in the exam at a time.  If you do not want to come inside with your pet we are continuing curbside service (please let us know your preference)

When you get to the clinic for an appointment you can either text us that you are here or come in and let one of our receptionists know you are here. Once a room is open and available a staff member will contact you to bring you directly into the exam room. We ask that people not congregate (or wait) in the lobby for their appointments. We also recommend that you wait in the comfort of your vehicle until you are called in to prevent overheating in our hot weather.

We will check you out in the room after the appointment in order to limit number of people and time inside the lobby. We will be disinfecting rooms between appointments.

For individuals picking up refills and food; the doors are unlocked and you can come in directly to the front desk to pick up/check out for your refills (but we do ask you to wear a mask if you are not feeling well).  Please be patient and try not to crowd other clients while waiting.


You are welcome to continue the curbside service and stay in your car if you prefer (for appointments and for refills)

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times 

If you have questions please call our clinic at 850-279-6656 or email at contact@midbayvet.com.

All efforts are 100% being implemented as a means of protecting YOU and your loved ones and our staff. Our goal is to maintain availability and provide important care to our patients no matter how things progress, but in order to do so, we have to make sure our staff stays healthy and protected.

These new guidelines are subject to change as it is difficult to predict the next few days to weeks to months.
Please stay healthy and safe!
-The doctors and staff.


Midbay Veterinary Hospital

Front Desk: 850-279-6656

Fax: 850-279-6451

email: contact@midbayvet.com


Need a prescription refill? Text us at 850-533-2336 or submit a prescription refill here


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